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Tank Battle is a 2D top down tank survival arcade game.

The object of the game is to survive the waves of enemies and
defeat the boss as well as  gain a high score. (boss is wave 5 for this demo)

Copied from the readme included:



WSAD to move or Arrow Keys


Z or i = secondary weapon
X or O = primary weapon
C or P = *special weapon

*special weapon is an air strike, once used you have to wait
60 seconds for it to be enabled again. The air strike clears
enemies within a certain radius.

Spacebar = *speed boost

*you can stock the speed boosts and use them to get out of sticky

-you can fire the machine gun with any other weapon!
-when railgun is active you hold to charge and release to fire
-you can use cryo thrower to slow down an enemy, if you keep hitting
the enemy they will freeze. While the enemy is frozen you can break
them into pieces by continuing to hit them.
-Enemies drop weapons/armour and speed boost
-Pick up armour to give you more of a chance!
-use airstrike when there are lots of enemies together!

Weapon List:

- Machine Gun
- Tank Shell
- Rail Gun
- Flame Thrower
- Cryo Thrower
- Laser
- Mortar

Enemy List:
- Standard Tank Shell
- Flame Thrower 
- Rocket Launcher
- Mortar
- BOSS - armed with multiple machine guns and huge plasma beam


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